Monday, January 17, 2022
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Started playing but confused? 

It can be a bit daunting if new to this sort of game play and with so many children playing, a little help is useful.

How the Battle Pass works. You have to buy it. if you do you get lots of rewards as your character gets  more experience. It is not necessary to have it to play the game.

Also your character is not penalised for not having it. All skins (the way your character looks) are equal. They do not possess any special abilities and everything you receive or buy does not add to their abilities either. This is all just cosmetic.

However, don't under estimate the power of a really good animated character, some of them do have their own emotes.

Console settings can all be set from within the game so if you are unsure how to jump, normally A button -  go into the settings and look at the controller part, it will give you all the settings or you can change them.

For regular updates with Fortnite  -


Available from Lulu. Good quality print book.

Deadlanders is available from two different online shops now. With talk of a feature film, this science fiction adventure is now in second edition.

Still available on Amazon.

Written a number of years ago and not published until 2017, it tells the story of a virus that mutates people but wait, it also mentions a virus that killed off a lot of elderly people in 2022, spooky.

Only a couple of years out of the real thing. Lets hope the rest of it doesn't happen or we will be running from aliens, zombies and who knows what!

The story follows Alex, Daniel, Samantha and 'Frank' as they find their destinies in the new world.

There is plenty of humour, romance, action, no hard swearing and it is suitable for around twelves years to adult.

Available throughout the world, prices may vary. Links are to UK site.

Fortnite For Children?

With an enforced shut down, many more children and adults are turning to the games console and finding their way to Fortnite. A game which has no blood or gory graphics and allows people to team up, socialise in creative and go up against other players in a battle to virtual death. Fortnite has had great criticism about the number of children that play and the effect it can have on their developing brains, though this can be said of any game. However, Fortnite also allows them to learn how to co-operate with other people and keeps them in contact with friends, even if that friend moves away or is unable to get to them.

Anything used incorrectly can be problem but something like Fortnite also has many benefits for children and teens provided it isn't over played. It is is not unusual to meet six and seven year olds whilst playing, sometimes you can hear their parents in the background. The cartoony appearance and the lack of gore or blood make it very enticing to young people. The creative part of the game lets them just play with people they want to. Also if they go into a match, it also teaches them about team work and getting on with others, not losing their temper and controlling frustration.

It would be nice to see Epic Games (the makers of Fortnite) have a new playground/battleground for children. Mircrosoft monitor the XBox and what goes on during games and bad sportsmanship, swearing and being aggressive to other players is not tolerated and a ban can be applied. This means the game is somewhat monitored so if a child becomes uncomfortable with anything that is said to them online, they can immediately report the player and it will be looked into. This does give some protection, not just for children but for all of us that don't like being sworn at whilst trying to enjoy a game. Not many games have such an immediate way to report something that is not in keeping with the spirit of the game.

That is something that should not be overlooked. The spirit of Fortnite is fun and frollick, player's avatars dance, show emotion, play ball games and much more whilst hiding out in the game or waiting for a game to start. Our own Red Moon Puppy character spends most of her time hiding in solo games. You can try and find her soon with our new game. 'Where's Red Moon Puppy?' More on this in May. I have always found a good feeling on Fortnite, most people do not take it too seriously and even those that do still get into the fun aspect of the game.

How we see Red Moon Puppy, however, she currently plays in disguise at present and usually can be found as a hedgehog tree. (you'll know it when you see it) 

As with everything there are things to remember, children's eye sight and brains are still developing, so they should not be left to stay on games consoles for too long. 

More on the effects of games, games to avoid and best games to follow.

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