Monday, January 17, 2022
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Fiction Tigeropolis:Beyond the Deep Forest

Tigeropolis:Beyond the Deep Forest

By R.D. Dikstra
Belle Media
ISBN: 978-0-9927462-1-6

A group of tigers living in a sanctuary have been keeping themselves to themselves. The powers that be have given up on their being any tigers left as there hasn't been a sighting for over 5 years, hence the plan to drive a highway smack through the middle of it. Bittu, a young cab who has strayed a little too far overhears forest rangers receiving a telephone call from the ministry and conveys this back to his family.
Alarm bells ring amongst the tigers. What do they do? Having kept a very low profile ever since the incident of Grandpa and a bike they may have unwittingly been the catalyst for the loss of their home.
Various strategies are considered and they emabark on a plan to bring tourists back whilst not giving in to the lures of stardom. Firstly they have to learn how to behave like people expect tigers to behave (not ones who have heating and internet in their cave). So it's roaring and stalking lessons and some help from some stunt deer.

The first of a fun trilogy from Dikstra this gives us an extended family who come to terms with their own fame and how they have to learn how to behave like traditional tigers (well in public anyway).

I read this with my daughter and it was an enjoyable week and she looked forward to bed time.