Monday, January 17, 2022
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Fiction Dracula


Story by Bram Stoker, illustrations by Ben Caldwell
ISBN 978-1-4549-3500-1
Sterling rrp 7.99

Unlike many graphic novels this is in a paperback A5 size. It is illustrated by Ben Caldwell who gives us a sumptuous feast of colour, action and foreboding. His transformation of Lucy is excellent, whilst the night scenes in Whitby and in the forests of Transylvania are top notch.

This keeps close to the original story. There is a particularly good tapestry which the count shows Harker as it tells the story of the Dracula family. The finest drawing is is that of the ship of death wrecking itself in Whitby harbour.

At the end is a brief historical setting about Vlad and a little about Stoker all crammed onto one page.

It is 128 pages long and was originally published in 2008 and fits well into the teenage young adult classic literature or horror genre.
We feel it brings a fresh approach and it moves through the story with some pace.