Monday, January 17, 2022
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Fiction Breathe Like a Bear

Breathe Like a Bear

By Kira Willey
Illustrated by Anni Betts
Upside Down Books 978-1-78956-115-9  9.99

This book has 30 double page full colour spreads. Each spread is designed assist in calming a child down. The aim is to help children become focussed and then be able to progress to being positivie.
Thus in any exercise the key is breathing and here they will control their breath and through that their body and achieve calmness. There are not just breathing exercises but some others as well, but we will get to those later.
A perfect example of the breathing exercise is the 'Hot Chocolate' one in which the child has to imagine they are holding a hot drink and begin breathing in and then blowing to cool the liquid before drinking it. Our favourite was the Snake with some hissing.

In all the activities the child needs to be seated and sitting up straight so it won't work if they are charging round the room like a tornado so you will need to get them sitting so that focus can be made, but with the colourful pictures you can get their attention and then engage them.

We mentioned that there were other things apart from breathing like an animal does. Try the waves in which you imagine throwing a stone into a ponbd to make ripples and then watching them spread and get smaller, and there is also a rainstorm in which hands are rubbed together to make the sound of the wind picking up before tapping hands on legs to imitate rain and then clapping to make thunder etc. The reverse is then done to calm everything down.
A listening exercise, appropriately illustrated with the ear of an Elephant is also quite cool.
There are also stretches as well and these can be incorporated into routines and we particularly enjoyed th eonbe entitled 'wake up your face' and also the 'gentle neck stretch'.

Designed by Willey, an award winning children's music artist, kid's yoga expert and creator of Rockin' Yoga school programmes , this features pastel illustrations that can also be enjoyed with your child.