Monday, January 17, 2022
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Fiction Gen Alpha-Z

Gen Alpha-Z

By the Lil' author Skool
hashtag press 6.99

Following a competition by this not for profit organisation, founded in 2016 by London born author A. Bello, who wrote her debut novel 'Emily Knight I am...' at aged 12! a number of the best entries have been compiled into this volume.

We received Bello's 'Emily Knight' title well and were therefore keen to see if she had found similar talent out there and were pleasantly surprised.

There are two sections, with the first being the half dozen winners and then the rest are featured stories. Most are only a handful of pages long but the imagination is let rip, not least in Haley Fisher's 'The Party Reveal'. Many show a depth of drama that they are able to bring out in just a few paragraphs and this shows the talent pool around the globe that many in their teens can mine profound emotions and present them succintly. Of particular note is Aanya singh's 'The Ravine' a poignant piece from an 11 year old. Most have a short story arc, although 'Alinka' by Anna Hughes seems a promosing first chapter of a novel.

The ages range from 6 to 21 years old with the bulk being in their mid teens and the majority of these are from England with a couple across the pond and some from the Far East.

With around two dozen short stories in different styles this is well worth a dip.